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A lot of people will enjoy the looks of this Ulysse Nardin watch to go with their casual air tank and weekend flippers true

Le 17 March 2014, 03:42 dans Humeurs 0

As a limited edition for 2012 Ulysse Nardin releases this new dive watch version of the Ulysse Nardin. Highlights include a bold design, monopusher chronograph and 600 meters of water resistance. One cool thing that Ulysse Nardin replica seems to suggest is that the chronograph can be used underwater. If this is true, then the watch does in fact set itself apart from most diving chronograph watches that would have their water resistance ratings compromised if their chronograph mechanisms were used while the watch was submerged.

Ulysse Nardin calls the new the reference luxury diving watch. While I like the piece I think that is a bit of a lofty statement. I am pretty sure that other people referencing something makes an object a reference. Not "self-referencing" that you are a reference. It was a cute effort though.

At 45mm wide in steel, the Ulysse Nardin actually feels larger than it is. A lot of that is because of the chronograph trigger system that you find in Ulysse Nardin models. Placed on the left side of the case, the trigger system in this replica Audemars Piguet uk is a monopusher - so you cycle between start, stop, and reset in a single pusher. Above the trigger is the crown for the watch placed at about 10 o'clock. The crown is rubber coated and colored to match the piece's hue theme.

As a dive watch, the Ulysse Nardin does not disappoint. It has 600 meters of water resistance, an automatic helium release valve, uni-directional rotating timing bezel with lume at 60 minutes, and a lot of lume on the hands and hour markers on the replica omega seamaster. The dial itself features the time with subsidiary seconds dial (that looks propeller-ish), date and 30 minute chronograph. The overall design looks both modern and professional with a lot of marine influence. I think a lot of people will enjoy the looks of this watch to go with their casual air tank and weekend flippers.

On the rear of the Ulysse Nardin timepiece is an engraved caseback with a shark on it. Always fun to have a predator from the deep on your watch. Makes a seahorse feel wimpy by comparison. Inside the watch is a Ulysse Nardin automatic Swiss movement with 48 hours of power reserve. According to Ulysse Nardin, the entire Ulysse Nardin watch collection will be limited to only 200 pieces for the yellow version with the others being non limited (which apparently don't have the "Professional" part on the name). With a steel case and professional instrument looks, it would be strange of me to call this a "luxury watch. " I would consider it a durable high-end Swiss dive lifestyle watch with the ability to actually dive. Versions come in yellow, blue, and black trim.

That is arguably a hefty sum for this type of Ulysse Nardin watch

Le 17 March 2014, 03:38 dans Humeurs 0

The calibre 51111 also features Ulysse Nardin"s watchwinding system for the automatic rotor. It is said to be a bit more durable than other automatic winding systems, and it also winds when the rotor moves in both directions. Plus, the UK Replica Ulysse Nardin - Best UK Replica Watches Sale system uses a unique heart-shaped cam in the gear train which is interesting. Functionally I think it is cool that the Pellaton system is there, but for practical purposes most casual watch lovers won't understand or appreciate the differences from other winding systems. Speaking of which, Ulysse Nardin is actually pretty good at speaking to the right customer at the right time. If you look at their marketing as well as their products, they know when to tech talk it up with gear heads, or to just show cool timepieces and not go overboard which technical details when speaking to more casual timepiece fans.

One thing that people notice about the dial of the Ulysse Nardin is that the seconds hand visibly ticks quickly rather than moves more smoothly like some other automatic watch seconds hands. Actually all mechanical watch hands tick rapidly versus moving absolutely smoothly. Only something like the "glide hands" on Ulysse Nardin watches will glide without stopping in one direction. What people are seeing on the dial of this replica omega seamaster is two things. First, the length of the seconds hand makes the movement of it more noticeable. On smaller dials it would be harder to see.

Second, the Ulysse Nardin operates as a slower 3Hz (21, 600 bph) versus 4 Hz. This has to do with maintaining the length of the power reserve and is like more vintage watches. While operating speeds of mechanical watches do affect accuracy, it is not untrue that a slower operating movement cannot be just as accurate when regulated properly. Therefore, the 3 Hz beat speed of the movement has the seconds hand "ticks" a bit less rapidly compared to 4 Hz (or faster) automatic watches. My last comment about the movement is that when hand-winding it, you generate a lot of power and don't have to twist, twist, twist forever to fully wind up the mainspring barrel.

The Ulysse Nardin watch is water resistant to 60 meters and has a large replica corum coated sapphire crystal over the dial - that is slightly domed. Attached to the case is a black textile strap with a folding, tension locking deployant in titanium that looks really nice. I like that the excess strap is placed on the inside of your wrist. The strap is pretty nice, but I would also like to see the watch on the more traditional Ulysse Nardin strap with the "aviator rivets. " Overall the Ulysse Nardin version is a handsome and sizable addition to the Ulysse Nardin family. There is nothing evolutionarily new about the watch as the movement is an existing part of the Ulysse Nardin collection, but it's a great new flavor of a Ulysse Nardin for those who wanted a larger black ceramic version - and it is still handsome as hell.

That is arguably a hefty sum for this type of watch, but given Ulysse Nardin's recent success in both North america and elsewhere, I have a feeling they can get away with it. At least you know that a decade or so from now the watch will still look good on your wrist (and you'll still be able to read it just fine).